We have trusted Mark Bender & Associates for our business for the past five years and we heartily recommend the team to those looking for professional, efficient and rapid service. In addition, the Mark Bender team succeeded in securing us a lease at a price substantially beyond our expectations with protection clauses that guarantee peace of mind for years to come. Thank you to the entire team. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

TUAC 503

We made the right choice by entrusting 
Mark Bender & Associates with our lease renewal.
We saved time, energy and money while 
benefiting from their market knowledge, judicious advice and professionalism.
The people at Mark Bender & Associates were dedicated to getting us the best deal possible and the result is the proof.
Yours truly,

3MACS, division de Raymond James Ltd

Dear Mr. Bender,

I wish to express our great satisfaction regarding the work you’ve done with regard to the mandate from the Conférence régionale des élus de la Capitale-Nationale. Your attentiveness, availability and wise advice regarding the choice of our new locales as well as the negotiation of our lease were invaluable. Your professionalism greatly facilitated the process and we will certainly recommend your services to our partners.
Again, thank you!

Quebec International

Mark Bender and Associates has proved to be both a judicious and strategic choice for our organization. The team provided invaluable support in our relocation, lease negotiations and expansion of our facilities. Not just a real estate brokerage firm, Mark Bender provides strategic counsel that makes all the difference.


On behalf of the Association des cadres du gouvernement du Québec, I wish to thank Mr. François Bender for the exceptional quality of the services he offered us for reshaping our office spaces and renewing our lease.
Your great availability and professionalism have greatly contributed to successfully reconfiguring our office spaces, renewing our lease and the signing of subleases.

Association des cadres du gouvernement du Québec

I strongly suggest any company of using the services of the Mark Bender & Associates team for their new office spaces.
We are very satisfied of their expertise and professionalism. Highly recommended!!


I wish to thank you for the exceptional quality of 
your services for renewing the lease of our 
financial institution.
Your availability and the professionalism demonstrated throughout this negotiation have greatly helped us successfully renewing this lease.

HSBC Bank, Québec branch

We chose to use the services of Mark Bender & Associates for renegotiating our lease in Québec City. Our primary objectives were to expand our current office and ensure the negotiation of a better agreement with our current or future owner.
With their intervention, we saved time and money and the transaction was performed within the delays we had already planned.

Sarbakan Inc

We strongly recommend companies to use the services offered by Mark Bender and Associates’ team for all their new office space needs.
We were looking for new office space according to our budget. Every single opportunity was analyzed or negotiated by Mr. Mark Bender. The Bender team acts as if it wanted to rent this office space for its own organization.
Congratulations and thank you!

Inter Groupe Assurances Inc.